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paramotor wing · intermediate

The Rally is a paramotor wing accessible to the general public. New entry pilots and experienced pilots will immediately like the comfortable flight of the Rally and appreciate its amazingly easy take-off and landing characteristics, superb stability and excellent cruising speed as well. These qualities are the trademarks of the Rally and have forged its exceptional reputation among world pilots.

The Rally is the ultimate "easy to fly" paramotor wings. Whether on the ground or in the air, the Rally is easy to ride. Its handling is simple and safe, which will be appreciated by a demanding pilot looking for a stable paramotor wing with a wide range of speed, resistant to wing collapse and which responds immediately to controls. With this wing you will enjoy the pleasure of flying like never before.

The Rally, like all Windtech wings, has been designed with ease of launch in mind. Our R&D team paid special attention to the performance of the Rally during the take-off phase. You will feel like a "Pro", with no inconveniences during inflation and take-off, and thanks to its characteristics, you will go airborne immediately after inflation, which only requires a slight tug on the A risers. The glider remains above the pilot, without any tendency to shoot forward or backward.

The new profile used in the Rally results in exceptional penetration and great stability in flight. The crossed rods in the leading edge form a shark nose that offers excellent stability across the entire weight range and the entire speed range also. The glider has damped roll, but offers good sink rate and agility in turns, without the wing going shooting forward or falling back. During long flights, the moderate brake pressure allows for pleasant turns while the hardness of the brake handles increases towards the end of its travel, providing a reserve of safety. Landing flare is smoothly defined with a good degree of lift restoration on final braking before touching ground, even in zero wind conditions.

The Rally is another high-quality product from Windtech. Its elliptical planform has 44 cells and a moderate aspect ratio of 5.1. We have paid great attention to manufacturing with very elaborated risers with a multitude of details. The Rally comes equipped as standard with slim, ergonomic and semi-rigid brake grips, which include swivels and each of the grips, with two neodymium magnets, which make it easier to fix the handles to the D risers during the flight.

characteristics planform

> The Rally is specially reinforced in seams and lines for paramotor flight, but it is possible to enjoy free flight without the need to replace the risers.

> Total line consumption is minimal to improve drag and speed without compromising safety.

> Three risers and crossed nylon rods on the leading edge to improve inflation and internal pressure in accelerated flight.

> The brake is not very physical due to special work on its geometry setup.

> A new profile allows you to improve the sink rate during turns even at top speed.

> The throttle and trimmer can be used at the same time in order to offer a high cruising speed.

package contents

Your Windtech wing is delivered with the following content:

• Manual
• Inner bag
• Glider strap
• Repair materials
• T-shirt with the Windtech Flyman
• Stickers and merchandising

You may choose to add any to these extra accessories:

• Glider Backpack (120 liter)
• Quick Pack Bag ECO (mono)
• Quick Pack Bag XL (bipla)
• Z-bag (concertina)
• Windtech speed bar

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