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Honey-3 is a fantastic wing to learn and progress in our favourite sport as it is an EN-A certified in four sizes but with the performance of more demanding paragliders like the EN-B class paragliders. In fact, there is no difference in the glide angle at trim speed compared with these ones. With the Honey 3 you will be able to discover the first XC flights and progress with total confidence and you will learn to fly f in thermals with total safety. Also, since it is a light weight wing you can carry it on your back in "Fly and Hike" flights even though it is made of a durable fabric. This is the best compromise without using in the manufacture super light fabrics that last less over time.

The inflation is perfect and the cross-nylon rods and shark nose on the leading edge a lot in compromised launches. The brake travel is very long and it is very forgiven in case of excessive inputs or mistakes by the pilot. In this design we have chosen a thinner profile to increase performance and maximise top speed over the previous version and the new brake line rigging helps achieve optimal turning for climbing in light and broken thermals.

With an aspect ratio of 5.1 it is in the high EN-A wing category and the fabric used in the intrados and extrados has shown in recent years that it is a safe bet so after hundreds of hours of intensive use the porosity values continue to be the best in the market. This fact without any doubt will benefits you when selling your equipment in the used market when you decide to upgrade your wing according to your experience as a pilot.

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> Honey-3 is a high intermediate with a high glide, certified EN-A in all four sizes.

> The total consumption of lines is optimized over the previous version and the glide and speed is much higher without compromising security.

> Standard or ultralite risers free of charge (reduce weight 250 grams), nylon rods on the leading edge (shark nose) to improve inflation and internal pressure in accelerated flight.

> A brake with unique geometry to achieve a good turn and little physical brake.

package contents

Your Windtech wing is delivered with the following content:

• Manual
• Inner bag
• Glider strap
• Repair materials
• T-shirt with the Windtech Flyman
• Stickers and merchandising

You may choose to add any to these extra accessories:

• Glider Backpack (120 liter)
• Quick Pack Bag ECO (mono)
• Quick Pack Bag XL (bipla)
• Z-bag (concertina)
• Windtech speed bar

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