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Eos, the new intermediate paraglider by Windtech. Eos is the latest intermediate paraglider from Windtech. It falls between the Bios and the Duster in terms of performance. While its capabilities match the best ENB wings, its ease of use and passive safety make it one of the safest wings in its category.

The updated suspension distribution and a more closed canopy help improve internal pressure and prevent collapses in turbulent conditions or at maximum speeds.

The profile is more refined than previous models, and the brake lines feature special tensioners that reduce line length, resulting in more direct and less physical control. With this handling and excellent sink rate, the Eos performs well in any type of condition and thermals, even in narrow or challenging cores.

The accelerator is smooth and highly efficient, allowing for maximum speed without compromising glide performance. This enables you to maximize glide ratio during transitions and embark on long cross-country flights or even venture into competition flying.

Constructed with semi-lightweight materials, the Eos allows you to enjoy Hike and Fly adventures while fitting all your gear into a compact backpack. Additionally, the materials used are highly resistant, ensuring durability over time.

The Eos is also available with trimmer-equipped risers, making it suitable for powered flights. Its easy inflation, performance, and stability make it ideal for both free-flying and powered flight activities.

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> New profile and canopy design. The canopy is closed at the ends for improved stability and roll control. Takeoffs are even smoother, providing better pilot control, especially in smooth ascending air.

> The Eos is lightweight without compromising fabric strength, extending its lifespan. The different sizes have a weight ranging from 4kg for the smallest to 5kg for the largest.

> Optimized construction with cross-linked Rigid Foil on the leading edge, dirt discharge Velcro on the stabilo, padded brake handles with twist removers, and ergonomic balls for easier piloting.

> The accelerator is highly efficient and smooth to operate, with a high maximum speed that maintains a flat polar curve at all times, allowing for seamless transitions between thermals at high speeds.

> Four certified sizes available, accommodating a weight range of 65 to 120kg.

package contents

Your Windtech wing is delivered with the following content:

• Manual
• Inner bag
• Glider strap
• Repair materials
• T-shirt with the Windtech Flyman
• Stickers and merchandising

You may choose to add any to these extra accessories:

• Glider Backpack (120 liter)
• Quick Pack Bag ECO (mono)
• Quick Pack Bag XL (bipla)
• Z-bag (concertina)
• Windtech speed bar

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