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The past year has been exceptionally good for Windtech, with our brand becoming universally known within the free-flying world.
We are currently celebrating our anniversary, since we first started making paragliders, and are happy to say that we have been enjoying a meteoric rise to the top in the paragliding world over the past few years.

Windtech are becoming renowned across the globe for their excellent products, great innovations and absolutely the highest standards, all coupled together with our helpful, skilled and professional service.

As well as our inspirational range of refined and sophisticated paragliding wings and reserve parachutes, we also produce a fine range of merchandise and accessories.

We have an ever growing network of distributors worldwide, and every magazine has been glowing in it's praise for our products, and this trend is sure to continue with the fantastic range that we have at the moment and the great plans that we have for the future!

We are becoming known in the most remote parts of the World!…

We'll keep you updated with all our news and upcoming events.