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2015 news

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31-12-2015 > Bye 2015, welcome 2016
From all the Windtech Team, we'd like to wish your blue skies and a happy New Year…
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15-09-2015 > Showing the impressive glide ratio of the Bali
In this video you can check out the amazing performances of our new intermediate wing, the Bali…
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14-09-2015 > Windtech present at the 42 Coupe Icare
Windtech will be present at this 42 edition at St. Hilaire de Touvet, France, from 17 to 20th of september…
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04-09-2015 > Bali: a winning glider
Congratulations to our pilots Gabriel Cañada an Borja Rodríguez for the excellent result in the Spanish Championship…
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24-07-2015 > Ru-Bi & Honey-2: Info online
With a large number of orders for these two wings, we now publish all Ru-Bi and Honey-2 information…
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21-07-2015 > Loop-2: our new acro glider
This is a super radical wing that performances well in all new maneuvers with a flashing vintage style…
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20-07-2015 > Balilai our new «Hike & Fly glider»
Balilai is our new Hike and Fly glider with only 4 kilograms of weight. It is a light version of the Bali…
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05-06-2015 > Ru-Bi tandem certification on-line
The results and documentation of the certification are available now at website…
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18-03-2015 > Ru-Bi: The professional tandem choice
Ru-Bi is the new tandem glider developed by the Windtech design team to respond to the professional tandem pilot…
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17-03-2015 > Bali: info on-line
You can check now all the Bali information on the Windtech website. Read all about it's incredible design…
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14-02-2015 > Win a parachute in Facebook
Go to our Facebook page and join our contest to win an Anti-G parachute or a Windtech Flyman T-shirt…
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12-02-2015 > We introduce the 2015 Z-Bag
The new 2015 Z-bag measures 270x53cm. It has many more features than previous one…
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