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12-09-2017 > Bali-2 review: «Parapente Vuelo Libre» mag
We Publish the flight test of «Parapente Vuelo Libre» of our Bali-2. The sky of Bali 2 are its performances and the harmony…
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11-09-2017 > Windtech present at the 44 Coupe Icare
We will be present at the 44 edition of the Coupe Icare at St. Hilaire de Touvet, France, from 21 to 24th of september…
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08-09-2017 > Windtech Cube, new parachute
We introduce a new hybrid parachute -semi square- with innovative characteristics and amazing performances…
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28-08-2017 > Amazing results for the Bali-2
Amazing results for the Bali-2 in the Spanish Nationals at Pedro Bernardo. Gabriel Cañada finish at the podium…
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12-06-2017 > Bali-2 size L certification on-line
Bali-2 is our latest intermediate wing, is a great glider according to all pilots that are already flying with it…
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09-06-2017 > Loop-2: latest videos
Check out the latest videos we have pusblished with the Loop-2 at the South of Spain…
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07-06-2017 > Windtech new Comfort-Bag
We introduce a new "Comfort Bag". This new backpack has a sophisticated design with many great features…
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05-06-2017 > Bali-2: info on-line
You can check now all the Bali-2 information on the Windtech website. Read all about it's incredible design…
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